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Back before 2005 i was working in a telecommunication firm as developer and database administrator of Microsoft database systems that serve all the processes of big department for more then 10 years. you can see in the portfolio some of my projects. as the company shrank from 3000 employees to 250 employees, many employees has left home including me. in 2005 for about one year i was developing and marketing a home budget planner so i got involved very deep into the money management. as an entrepreneur you are not earning anything for sometime so you have to control very efficiently your expenses, so i have got some skills on how to cut my expenses. since 2006 i am in the internet marketing business. i am building niche web sites. all my previous background as database developer and designer and electronics troubleshooter and computer technician helped me dealing with all the technical aspects of the web design. so i learned a lot about search engine optimization process. i had a partner for sometime, but it did not workout. now i am working solo alone. when you work standalone you have too many things to handle, so you have to be very time organized and apply skills of time managements. i have 5 children 2 of them now are studding in university. i am happily married to a lovely wife for many years. my wife has many skills as an artist she was painting pictures and making sculptures. she is specialist in Moroccan cookies you can see some of her products in faduelos web site.

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